tirejump.jpg (284113 bytes) Close-up of the base of the TIRE JUMP Close-up of the Velcro® strap on the TIRE JUMP Collapsed TIRE JUMP frame

Like everything else we make, the framework for our TIRE JUMP is 100% lightweight welded aluminum. No need for bungee cords that could be dangerous. We use a simpler Velcro® strap system. This frame breaks down into four pieces for easy storage, as shown. 

Total shipping weight is about 18lbs.

100% Aluminum TIRE JUMP frame with Velcro® straps and tire $225 set
Please specify 18 or 24 inch opening.

and are accepted for your convenience!
Custom orders are always welcome!

We will NOT charge your credit card until we SHIP your order.


"Before You Go"
A tribute and thank-you to Veterans of WWII and Veterans of the Korean War

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