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Jim and Toby Mazrolle

Toby and Jim Mazrolle started AGILITY-EQUIPMENT.com after falling in love with a Jack Russell Terrier named Dakota, a.k.a. the Agility Monkey, while living in Florida in 1994. The idea for AGILITY-EQUIPMENT.com grew out of their passion for agility and the desire to offer the agility community top-quality, lightweight aluminum equipment at prices that were affordable.

They moved to Hiltons, Virginia, in 2007, because they wanted to be where they could use and show their products year-round. 

While Jim is very busy with the actual nuts and bolts of the business, Toby packs the equipment for shipping and vending. As often as she can, she loads up the truck and trailer and heads for an agility trial. You can find her anywhere from New Hampshire to Florida with her assistants:

Robert Tia
-the playful, perky, pocket-size Pomeranian
Robert Tia

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